We got the question on social media the other day: “How often should I be updating my brand and website?” And that’s an AMAZING question. If your business is web-based and you have a presence online, you should always be updating your website and social media with new content, social media posts, and reviews from clients or customers, among other things.

BUT, another side of that is considering how often you should be updating your brand visually – such as your colors, your logo, your images, etc. You might be one of the many digital entrepreneurs, bloggers or brands wondering how often you should change your look online!

Depending on your business, we recommend looking into making major changes to your website every 2-3 years. However, that does not mean you have to change every single element of your brand or website every 2-3 years. One of the major misconceptions about a rebrand is that it must be a major overhaul, but the truth is that a rebrand can just be a little bit of refining so that it’s not such a large ordeal every 2-3 years.

A rebrand is relaunching the same business, blog or brand with a new look or direction, whether that’s updating your logo, colors, refining your services or changing your ideal client. A rebrand says to the world that your business has shifted, changed, and your new look now reflects that change.

Signs You Might Be Ready For A Rebrand Without A Major Overhaul:

1. Your products or services have changed.

Maybe you started off doing several types of photography, but now you’ve realized you’d rather only shoot weddings. You might want to change your brand to reflect wedding photography rather than just photography in general.

2. Your target market has changed.

Perhaps you’ve moved to a new town, or you’ve niched down to a smaller market so now you need to appeal to a different audience.

3. You groan every time you look at your logo or visit your own website.

If you’re tired of your brand, feeling embarrassed about it, or just realizing it needs to be modernized, then you know you’re in need of a refresh.

4. Your sales and income have stagnated, and you’re ready for a new push of business.

If you feel like you’ve been coasting for a while, it might be time to update your look to be more polished, professional and credible online.

3 Ways To Refresh Your Brand Without A Major Overhaul

If you’ve had the same look online for awhile and you’re ready to switch it up, but a major rebrand sounds like an overwhelming and expensive undertaking, you can make a few tweaks to update your brand without taking on a major overhaul.

1. Refine And Simplify Your Logo.

In our opinion, your logo redesign or update this does not have to be a major overhaul. One quick, easy and effective way to refine your logo is to simplify the design. Most brands that modernize their logo end up simplifying the same concept, making it more minimal. You can do this by ditching drop shadows, outlines, gradients, excessive color use, or other things that make your logo more complicated.

Below are some examples of famous brands that have simplified their logo for a fresh, modern look.

2. Update Your Color Palette, But Keep It In The Family.

Instead of going for a completely new color palette that might shock your audience, consider just refining your current colors. For example, if you have a bright pink brand and you want it to be more subdued, maybe you just change to a lighter pink! Or maybe you want to be more bold with your color palette and go for the opposite effect. Consider going a little darker with your current colors.

3. Schedule A Brand Photoshoot.

It’s possible you don’t need to update your logo or colors, but you are ready for some photos that fit your new brand a bit better! Maybe when you launched for the first time, you used stock photos or iPhone shots to get the job done so your website could go live. However, after some time and success, you can afford to spend some budget on custom images.