We specialise in author web design.

Design your website. Increase your readership. Launch a new novel or series. What do you want to achieve this year? We can help you do it.

The team at We Are Web Design specialise in working on author websites. We have worked on many and we love them! Our creative team has a great understanding of the aesthetic required for your niche market and will support you in all of your online marketing efforts. We have worked on some well known and lesser known author sites, click to view some of our work below:

You are unique. Stand out and be remembered. Contact us today.

Though we are based in Australia, the majority of our author clients are based in the United States. In this online world this has not posed a problem for us or our clients. To get in touch simply contact us via email or social media and we’ll then initiate or schedule a phone call or Skype conversation to discuss your needs.

Great writing evokes emotion.

An author’s personal brand does the same thing. Like a great book cover, your website design creates an emotional connection with readers. Intangibly, design conveys quality.

Every author’s goals are different. Some evoke the thrill of danger. Some strive to inspire trust and authority. One author evokes luxury and worldliness, while another evokes danger or humor or lust.

Your author website is the hub of your brand online — the place where all your marketing comes together. Whether readers discover you on social media or on Amazon, every time they visit your website it’s an opportunity for you to deepen an emotional connection, sell a book, add a subscriber, and gain a fan.

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