The Difference Between On-Site SEO & Off-Site SEO

Many businesses with an online presence now understand the need for implementing an SEO strategy. But search engine optimisation is a broad area of activity, and many specialist tactics and strategies are used by SEO companies. It can be confusing or difficult to manage SEO campaigns without breaking things down into logical categories. Generally speaking, SEO [...]

What Social Media Does & Doesn’t Do For You

What Social Media Doesn't Do For You Perhaps the biggest misconception fostered by the average individual in today’s world is that the social networking sites have made them increasingly more social. While the number of acquaintances in their ‘Friends’ list increases, they become less social or noticeably anti-social in real life. Walled into one’s room engrossed in [...]

Survival Guide for Mobilegeddon!

There is one survival tip for this only. Make your website mobile responsive immediately! If you haven’t optimised your website for mobile then you will have dropped ranks in Google’s organic search. Google’s new update has made mobile friendliness a bigger part of its algorithm, and if your business’s website isn’t mobile responsive now is the [...]

Horrible Domain Names

While researching new domain names for a client, we decided to go back and look at all the funny (and horrible) web domain names we’ve seen over the years. Just a gentle reminder to make sure your domain name conveys what you want it to! Here’s the 40 most notorious domains that have been registered: [...]

10 Questions You Need To Ask When Building a Brand

Building a strong brand is about having a clear understanding of what your brand stands for, and then making sure everyone else understands it too. It is as simple — and as complicated — as that. If you're serious about building a brand, don't start advertising just yet. Marketing tactics are the last step. Building [...]